We are connective, social beings, and we all need a support system to help guide us out of the ruts in which we find ourselves. Life can feel like that: like a cart you keep pulling, like a rock you keep pushing, like a hole you keep digging. Sometimes you need someone to help get unstuck.

Maybe you're struggling with daily traumas and microaggressions, or recovering from gaslighting. Maybe your nervous system is wired and tired. Maybe you want to get better at setting boundaries. Maybe you need a little encouragement and guidance to develop self-nurturing rituals. Or maybe you want to explore and process new ideas around gender, sexuality, and intimacy.

I want to empower you to harness your own strengths, manifest embodied transformation, and meet the world on your own terms. I want to help you build resiliency and make your needs heard, even if you're having trouble finding your voice. Let's collaborate.


Dr. Rachel Oristano holds a Doctorate of Science in Chinese Medicine (DSCM), is a Diplomate of Acupuncture (DiplAc), and a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc). She has also received training and certification in the use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Dr. Oristano received her DSCM from the accredited National University of Natural Medicine.

Prior to attending NUNM, Dr. Oristano graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Minor in East Asian Studies, and a Concentration in Neural and Behavioral Sciences. She furthered her scientific research experience working in the Aaron Gitler Molecular and Cell Biology lab at the University of Pennsylvania before pursuing her career in Classical Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Oristano is currently pursuing a Masters in Mental Health and Counseling at the University of Pennsylvania, with the intention of bringing additional trauma-informed tools focused on gender and sexuality.

Her continuing education within Chinese Medicine is with Dr. Clayton Shiu and the Xǐng Nǎo Kāi Qiào 醒脑开窍 ("Awaken the Spirit and Open the Orifices") lineage transmitted to him by Dr. Shi Xue Min. This lineage is renowned for its efficacy with stroke, TBI, and other neurological issues, however is likewise applicable to mental health and whole system concerns.

When she's not trying to learn All The Things, you can find her at home covered in cats while watching nerdy sci-fi/fantasy shows.


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