We live in a world that predisposes most of us to depression, anxiety, or both. Perhaps you feel raw, like an exposed nerve. Or the world seems grey and bland. Feelings of depression and anxiety can also occur with no obvious cause, and seeking out an objective perspective can help you deconstruct and solve this mystery. I can help you level-up by focusing on mindfulness and self-awareness, even if you don’t know where to start.

Even the toughest and most weathered amongst us need a support system to bring us out of the rut in which we find ourselves. Everyday trauma can be like that: a cart you keep pulling, a rock you keep pushing, a hole you keep digging. Sometimes you need a guide to help pull you out, to help you learn how engage so that you're not jarred when life comes knocking.

One small shift can lead to powerful changes down the road. I'm here to help you make that shift.

My treatment philosophy emphasizes finding ritual, meaning, and personal mythology in everyday life while focusing on simple therapies that make a big impact. I'm an advocate for movement and strength-building as a way out of trauma. I want to empower you to harness your own strengths in order to manifest positive changes and meet the world on your own terms.


"Today was a bad day until I came in, because I know that I’m going to feel better when I leave. I always feel better within the first ten minutes of being here. Acupuncture kept me from committing suicide." -HW

"Dr. Oristano is an incredible acupuncturist that I can and do recommend to everyone. I’ve had an L5/S1 issue for more than a decade and prior to seeing her I gone to a numerous other eastern and western specialists. Like many others, I didn’t get the care I needed and was given painkillers with almost no real treatment plan. I’ve now been getting regular accupuncture from Dr. Oristano for a few months and her knowledge, flexibility, and treatment has been nothing short of life changing. My pain is down from a consistent 6-7 to almost nothing and my flexibility is returning! I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone without hesitation!" - DC

"Dr. Oristano is an amazing acupuncturist! She has a wonderful manner, is very accessible, and clearly very knowledgeable. I was having terrible sinus issues and nothing else was working so I saw Dr. Oristano for relief. She was professional but still very friendly and worked quickly but diligently to relieve my issue. I recommend her to everyone who is experiencing similar issues." - AK


Dr. Rachel Oristano holds a Doctorate of Science in Chinese Medicine (DSCM), is a Diplomate of Acupuncture (DiplAc), and a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc). She has also received training and certification in the use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Dr. Oristano received her DSOM from the accredited National University of Natural Medicine.

Prior to attending NUNM, Dr. Oristano graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Minor in East Asian Studies, and a Concentration in Neural and Behavioral Sciences. She furthered her scientific research experience working in the Aaron Gitler Molecular and Cell Biology lab at the University of Pennsylvania before pursuing her career in Classical Chinese Medicine.


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