Welcome! If you have specific questions you would like to discuss before your visit, select the Free Introductory Call. If you're ready to make your first appointment, select either "Acupuncture" or "First Mind-Body Consultation + First Follow-Up" depending on your visit preference. Please note that for your initial Mind-Body visit, you will just be scheduling your first visit, and your follow-up will be planned in-office with Dr. Oristano.

FREE Introductory Call: A FREE 15 minute phone call with Dr. Oristano designed to help answer questions and chat before your first visit.

Initial Acupuncture: An initial consultation for patients who are only interested in acupuncture treatments, which may also include cupping or gua sha. 60 minutes. $125.

Follow-up Acupuncture: Acupuncture-only follow-ups for established patients. 45-60 minutes. $90.

Initial Mind-Body Consultation + First Follow-up: The whole shebang! Clinical nutrition assessment and lifestyle planning, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and mindfulness tools, and Classical Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture or cupping, all customized to your individual needs. Dr. Oristano requires that new patients commit to the first two visits. The first visit is primarily information gathering, and the second visit will be devoted to your personalized plan. Again, this price includes TWO 60 minute visits. The first can be scheduled with the link above, the second will be scheduled in-office. $300.

Follow-up Mind-Body Consultation: A continuation of the initial visit, particularly beneficial for patients who desire ongoing DBT and CCM care. 60 minutes. $150.



Patients can order prescription-grade supplements through Dr. Oristano's Fullscript dispensary. Click through to make an account and get started.


Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.



Phone: The best way to talk to Dr. Oristano on the phone is by scheduling a Free Introductory Call. This way, Dr. Oristano will be able to focus exclusively on your questions and get to know you. Schedule above!

Email: [email protected]

Texting: This service is for current patients only. Dr. Oristano accepts messaging through the SimplePractice patient portal, which sends messages directly to Dr. Oristano's phone. New patients will receive a portal invite when they establish care.


Want to get in touch before your appointment? Schedule a Free Introductory Call. We can get to know each other and see if we're a good fit.


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