ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles into prescribed locations on the body as indicated by anatomy and East Asian philosophy. This tool can integrate mind-body healing and reeducate the brain. Dr. Oristano is experienced in a variety of acupuncture techniques and can adapt to your individual needs. 

CUPPING: Cupping utilizes a vacuum effect with a glass or plastic cup, creating a “reverse massage”. It is especially useful for muscle tension and soreness. 

GUA SHA: The Gua Sha tool is flat, wide object often made of stone, horn, or metal. The blunt edge of the tool is applied with pressure and motion in order to loosen excessive local adhesions between fascia and skin, and to stimulate systemic anti-inflammatory factors. While Gua Sha is often used for musculoskeletal issues, although it has a wide range of application.


FOOD: There is a significant interaction between food and health. Everyone has individual nutritional needs, and jumping between fad diets is more harmful than helpful. Dr. Oristano is prepared to work with you to streamline your nutrition and improve your overall relationship with food without recommending unnecessary restrictions. She believes that food is an essential love language, and that the connection between food and culture is sacred.

SUPPLEMENTATION: Given the illnesses and habits encouraged by modern life, many people are often lacking optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals. Supplementation is an effective way to address this. Dr. Oristano takes a restrained approach to supplements, and will never overwhelm you.


DBT-informed Mindfulness Tools: Dr. Oristano has training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and integrates a specific series of DBT-informed mindfulness skills to help you adapt to emotionally charged circumstances in the moment. This is especially useful if you are struggling to manage feelings of anxiety and depression due to daily micro-traumas. Dr. Oristano individualizes each step so that you can learn how to apply these skills to your personal needs. 

LIFESTYLE: Quite often, it is the simplest changes that can make the greatest impact on our health. Dr. Oristano will work with you to improve daily habits in small ways for big results. This includes helping you manage your busy schedule in order to prioritize and improve sleep, joyful movement, and purposeful planning.


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